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As a premiere decorative painting and plastering company, we know that exceptional service is key to any successful project. We provide it every step of the way. Our commitment begins with our first visit. We help answer questions, show you the latest decorative paint finishes, murals and coatings, provide advice, and make suggestions. We’re patient. It extends beyond our initial consultation. It extends on the job site and throughout the project.

Distinguished Satisfaction

We have a long list of satisfied clients. We are committed to distinctive quality, cutting edge techniques and impeccable customer service.



A)  First Meeting:

The first meeting up to one hour-fifteen minutes is free. (After the first free 1.25 hours, consultation time is billed at $100 per hour).  This will provide the opportunity to discuss your project & see the space. Next, I will show you our portfolio of finishes and photos of past works. This will give us ideas for brainstorming and choosing a finish for decorative painting or Italian plaster. For murals, we will show you photos and sketches of past works so you can see our skill level in this area.

I will then measure the space and typically complete a proposal on-site (via laptop if electrical outlet is available for our use) based on “time & materials” using the facts:  finish chosen, measurements, site inspection and our discussions. This may be different for murals.

B)  Present Proposal:

We will go over your custom estimate. Should you decide to proceed, we sign the contract and a 1/3 deposit is required to complete your sample boards and schedule your project.  (For Murals, before the contract is signed and 1/3 deposit given, there is a non-refundable fee of $200 that will be used for research, studies and the color rendering of up to 6 hours of time.)  We are on a ‘First Come, First Served’ basis, so receiving the deposit insures a start date.

Sample Boards and Project Start:
Upon receipt of the deposit amount
, the sequence of events will take place as follows

  1. Sample board will be produced to meet client instructions

  2. Sample board will be resubmitted as needed for final adjustments and approval

  3. In the event more than two sample boards are required to meet the client specifications, each additional sample board will be charged at the rate of $100.00 to cover the cost of our time and materials.  All sample boards produced for client remain the property of Bella Wall Designs.

  4. Once the sample is approved, client will sign approval on back of board. For murals, contract is signed and 1/3 deposit is given.

  5. Project will begin.  If the client desires any changes to the finished product, it will be considered extra work with adjustments made to the contract amount by a signed change order. No additional work will be done without a signature from the client authorizing the extra expense. If the change order is not signed, the work will be considered complete and satisfactory with payment of the contract amount due in full.

  6. Upon completion of the work, payment for the final amount is due. We do not accept delay payment terms.

If a reasonable budget is known beforehand, this can usually be worked within. Keep in mind that the work is priced per project, but the pricing below can serve as a guideline. Prices do not include change orders and travel expenses for out of town projects.

FAUX FINISHING: Decorative paint and stucco wall treatments, etc. start at a rate of $4.00 per sq. ft. and go up to $65 per sq. ft.  It depends on the surface, effect and technique desired.  The average price range is between $4.00-$25.00.   There are a wide variety of beautiful effects as seen on our ‘Techniques page including: Old World Textures, Aged Glazes, Faux Stone, Marbling, Wood Graining, Antiquing, Stenciling, Rag/Sponge techniques, etc. Your imagination is the limit!

MURALS:  Murals are priced PER PROJECT. Murals are priced by the square foot and by level of detail or complexity requested by client. Some customers want a high level of detail and others may want a looser artistic feel to the work... while others may want an impressionistic feel to the piece or a simple children's mural.  Generally murals start from $15 per sq. ft. for simple cartoons or children’s art. (Minimum 100 sq. ft.), and up to $75 per sq. ft. for complex scenes, hyper-realism, landscapes, etc.;  Trompe L'oeil and more complicated types of artwork generally run $45 - $75.

ITALIAN PLASTER APPLICATION:  True Italian (lime and marble based, imported direct from Verona, Italy) plaster application starts at a rate of $10.00 per sq. ft. and go up to $85 per sq. ft. Plaster is applied using a trowel, by hand. Typically, there is no painting involved. (Minimum 100 sq. ft.).

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